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Cornflower Seeds

A gorgeous free natured plant that blends perfectly into a meadow or cottage garden. Easily fits into its surroundings and looks comfortable with its fellow plants. Grassy meadows and sunny borders is a perfect location for Cornflower to thrive.

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Why Grow Cornflowers From Seeds?

These easy to grow subtle flowers have straw-like qualities making it easy to blend in a looser planting design. They are tough unfussy plants that warrant a spot in the nature lovers garden. Suttons offer the traditional blue cornflower to the slightly more flamboyant. The good old ‘Field Cornflower’ will establish quickly. For a more blousy Cornflower try ‘Polka – Dot Mix’. The magical ‘Black Ball’ will offer something different from the usual Cornflower colours. 

How To Grow Cornflowers From Seed? 

Cornflowers are hardy annuals so just need a decent seedbed to get going, where they will go on and grow into mature plants. 

Cornflower Seed Germination

Cornflower seeds should germinate within 10 to 14 days. As the seedlings develop thin them in stags to achieve a final spacing of about 10 or 15cm apart. Try and plant in a sunny position to gain the most from the seed.

Cornflowers will flower from summer until the first frosts. They are great plants for attracting bees, butterflies and other pollinating creature as they are free seeding. If you want to encourage children into the garden this is a great plant to grow from seed. Cornflowers look fantastic next too bright colours such as Poppies

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