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Celery Plant Seeds

Celery seeds grow into a versatile veg which is perfect for flavouring sauces, stews, soups, risottos or adding a raw crunch to salads. Dice fresh celery with onions, carrots and garlic as the perfect starter for almost any home-cooked meal. For more inspiration, see our wide choice of organic vegetable seeds.

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What makes Celery seeds special? 

There are types of Celery grown with different techniques. They are trenching and self-blanching varieties, the trenched celery plants take more time but are incredibly flavoursome, self-blanching celery crop quicker. Suttons offer both varieties with ‘Giant Red’ for trenching and ‘Loretta’ for self-blanching

How do you plant celery seeds?

Sprinkle the celery seeds over a seed tray or pot that has decent peat free seed compost. You don't need to cover the seeds as they need light to germinate.

How to grow Celery from seed?

For self-blanching celery;

Always refer to the packet for spacing – self blanching plants are planted in blocks, closer together to encourage blanching, this means the plant produces multiple and hence more Celery.

For trench celery;

Celery prefers a nice sunny position and will enjoy irrigation, if time is short it worth looking into irrigation aids. A big rule is don't let dry out. Liquid feeds are important, applied little and often. Harvest and eat or cook fresh.

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