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2 Litre Potted Perennials

If you are looking for instant plants to quickly bring your garden into bloom, look no further than our collection of 2 litre potted perennials. These mature perennial plants have more established root systems than our 9cm potted perennials, making them more robust and mature.

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Potted Perennials in 2 Litre Pots

Give your garden a speedy transformation with these 2-litre potted perennials, which have been grown in ideal conditions ready for establishing in your outdoor space.

These perennials will produce fantastic foliage and colourful blooms in the summer months when planted straight into your beds and borders. 2 litre potted perennials are small enough to establish quickly but large enough to make an impact in your garden. 2-litre potted perennials are mature plants that will make a lot of impact right away.

How to plant 2 potted perennials

  1. Clear your desired area of weeds and dig a hole slightly larger in width than the pot. Check that the hole is no deeper than the height of the pot by placing the pot inside the hole. Your plant will need to grow at the depth that it was planted at inside its pot.
  2. Take your plant out of its pot and place it in the hole. Backfill around the plant, firming the soil as you go to ensure there are no large air pockets.
  3. Water your plant thoroughly. If the soil settles, place more soil on top to ensure that the plant has full soil coverage.
  4. Spread some mulch or compost around the base of the plant to retain moisture, fertilise, and deter weed growth.

Once your plant has established, maintain it according to the plant’s individual needs. Perennials are great for planting near flower bulbs, as they can disguise the bulb’s dying foliage once it has finished flowering.

There are so many 2 and 5 litre potted perennials to choose from, and with much of the hard work done for you, you can sit back and enjoy your perennials year after year!

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