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Leek Seeds

Leek seeds grow into delicious tasting vegetables that deserve much more credit. Leeks can be grown for at least seven months of the year. Delicious when caramelised for sauces, leeks also impart a delicate flavour to soups or can be simply fried in butter and enjoyed in their own right. Never tried sowing these elegant vegetable seeds? You won't regret giving them some space once you've tasted the difference.

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Why Grow Leeks? 

A hardy plant that enjoys cold and unpredictable weather conditions. Sutton’s have a wide range of leek seeds. From the Spring Onion like ‘Atal’ to the beautiful foliage of ‘Northern lights’. Not forgetting the extremely winter hardy Musselburgh leeks. Leeks are a great edible plant for producing food once the summer crops have become spent.

How To Grow Leeks Plants From Seed

Leek seeds can be sown a couple of ways. Sown indoors in a seedbed or if space is limited sow them in pots.

When Do I Sow Leek Seeds? 

Leeks enjoy free-draining soil in a sunny position. In late summer earth up with surrounding soil to encourage the delicious white stems. Protect with extra fine Netting where potential pests like Leaf minor are a problem.