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Indoor Flower Bulbs

Indoor bulbs brighten up your home, and these are specially prepared to put on an outstanding show in your living area, kitchen or bedroom. Indoor flowering bulbs are very easy to grow. Simply plant them up in decorative pots and in a matter of weeks, when they come into bud, move them into pride of place!

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Indoor bulbs information & FAQs

Indoor bulbs are a great way of adding colour and scent to your home, often at a time of year when little else is blooming. Some, such as amaryllis and paperwhite narcissi, can be planted and left in a room with good light but out of direct sunlight until they flower. Others, notably hyacinths, are forced into early flowering by giving them a period of cold to mimic winter. Specially prepared bulbs are best as they don’t need to be kept cold for as long.

When to plant hyacinth bulbs for Christmas

To have hyacinths in flower for Christmas, plant them from the end of September to mid-October. They should be kept in a cool, dark place for around six weeks, or up to 10 weeks if you are not using prepared bulbs. Once shoots appear, move them into a light spot.

How to plant hyacinth bulbs indoors

Hyacinths for indoors can be grown in decorative pots/, or in a glass forcer that allows the roots to grow into water while keeping the bulb dry.

In a pot, place the bulbs on top of around 5cms of bulb fibre or bulb compost. They can be close but should not touch. Add more compost to fill but without covering the top of the bulbs and lightly water. Move into a dark place.

How do you plant an amaryllis bulb indoors?

Amaryllis are best grown in a pot that isn’t too big, so choose something slightly bigger than the bulb. Rehydrate before planting by soaking the bulb for a few hours. Then plant in multi-purpose compost, leaving the top third of the bulb exposed. Put it in a cool, bright spot and keep the compost moist but not too wet. Increase watering once a shoot appears. Amaryllis flower between six and eight weeks after planting so aim for early October for Christmas blooms.