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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Find your favourite summer bulbs, corms, and tubers here at Suttons. Choose from an array of attractive blooms including elegant iris bulbs, glamorous gladiolus corms and bold begonia tubers. Not only do summer flowering bulbs produce flowers that look and smell lovely, they're also great for attracting helpful pollinators to your garden. Browse all of our flowering bulbs for year-round colour and fragrance.

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Summer Flowering Bulbs - more info

Summer flowering bulbs make a big impact in the garden and are very different from the spring flowering bulbs that precede them. Whether you’re looking for frilly Papaver bulbs or spectacular Dahlia tubers, there is something for every garden in this collection. Why not accompany your new blooms with some fantastic ground cover shrubs and foliage plants to fill out your garden?

When is the best time to plant summer bulbs?

You can start planting summer flowering bulbs, corms and tubers into your containers or borders in spring when the weather is starting to warm up. Unless otherwise stated, our summer bulb varieties are half-hardy. They prefer a sunny, sheltered spot and should be protected from frost in winter, either by mulching or by lifting and storing.

Our summer bulbs, corms and tubers will be despatched from mid-February onwards. We will not normally be able to accept orders for bulbs after mid-April.

When is the best time to plant summer bulbs?

Summer flowering bulbs are usually planted in spring once the soil begins to warm. Alternatively, plant into containers in late winter and be sure to protect from frost.

Do summer flowering bulbs overwinter?

Unless otherwise stated, our summer flowering bulbs are half-hardy so will need winter protection. Either lift and store them in a frost-free place, or protect them with a thick mulch.

Are any summer bulbs good for cut flowers?

Dahlias, iris and lilies all make lovely cut flowers. For something more unusual, try ranunculus or Anemone coronaria.

Best summer flowering bulbs

Here are some of our best and most popular summer bulbs for your borders and containers:

No time for planting bulbs? Browse our pre-planted bulbs and summer bedding plants.