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Grow Your Own Gifts

Shop our range of Grow your own gifts, perfect for those that like to grow their own! From wines & spirits to limes for your gin, to jam and mushroom kits, we guarantee there is the perfect grow your own gift for everyone.

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Our range of Grow Your Own Kits are wonderful unique gift idea for both novice and the more experienced gardener or home brewer.

Grow your own Jam, Sauces and Chutney

This wonderfully fruity gift is perfect for the keen jam maker or the green-fingered grow your own enthusiast. You don’t need a large garden, just a small outdoor space to grow this delicious fruity gift, ready to make into jam or chutney. Even if you buy this grow your own kit as a gift, you might receive some home-made jam in return! 

Wine and Spirit kits

Our Wine and Spirit kits are a fantastic unique gift for those who love a little tipple! From wine and gin tasting sets to botanicals, personalised sprits to grape vines. There's something for everyone!

Mushroom and Truffle Kits

What could be better than having fresh mushrooms on tap, ready to add to delicious recipes of a cheeky fry-up? Grow Your Own Mushroom Kits are the easiest and most reliable way to grow mushrooms. Our Mushroom kits are available in six delicious varieties to choose from. Don’t forget those who would already saviour a truffle, the "underground mushroom". Truffles are so highly prized by top chefs, so why not grow your own.

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