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Growing Guides

It’s easy when you know how, growing your own fruit, vegetables or flowers can be extremely rewarding. We’ve created the handy guides so you can get the most out of your crops and produce a bumper harvest. Our collection of handy growing guides – for both seeds and plants – will make life simpler through handy hints and detailed planting instructions.

General Guides

When To Sow & Harvest Planner

Wondering what seeds to sow and when? Take the guesswork out of planning your garden with our sowing and harvest calendar. This guide includes when you need to sow and when you can expect to harvest flowers, fruit and vegetables.

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What kind of soil type
do I have?

Knowing which soil is best for your plants can be difficult. In order to get the very best from your plants, having the right soil is key. The soil guide will show you what the soil types are and what is best to grow in them.

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Plants types for partial

Our plants for partial shade guide will show you some amazing varieties of plants that are perfect for those partially shaded areas. The range in this handy guide will certainly brighten up any darker areas of your garden.

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Plants for exposed coastal gardens

If you're fortunate enough to own a property with full/partial sea views, the likelihood is that you have an exposed coastal garden. This list we put together lists more of the commonly grown plants for these specific areas.

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Plants that show drought resistance

This handy guide will showcase some of the best drought resistant plants we have to offer. Plants in this list are not only tolerant of drought but look amazing too! They will add great colours and textures to your garden.

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Plant Sizes and How To Grow Them

Our plants come in various sizes depending on when you want them. From Extra Value Plug Plants to 2L Potted Plants, our handy guide will help show you what the difference is between each size and what it takes to grow them.

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General Downloads

Seed Success Guides

Sow Salad for Summer - How To Grow From Seed

Perfect for beginners or those in a rush sow salad for summer with sprouting seeds in as little as 7 days! From how to use seed tape to sowing seeds outside, this guide is packed full of step by step videos with expert advice.

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Success With Your

Growing vegetables or flowers, growing from seed is one of the most satisfying things to do in your garden. We know that sometimes it may seem difficult. Our handy guide will help you become a natural at growing from seed.

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Herb Seed Growing Guide

Start your own kitchen garden today and pick the perfect herb for your garden or windowsill. Use our easy to follow guide to sowing, harvesting, preserving and more importantly find the perfect herb to add interest to a dish!

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Cucamelon Seed Growing Guide

The cute little fruits with bags of personality, Cucamelons are the must-have addition to any vegetable patch or on the allotment. Discover endless ways to use them with our guide is packed full of advice.

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Cucumber Seed Growing Guide

Cucumbers are delicious – especially when you’ve grown them yourself. You may also be surprised to know they are also easy to grow from seed! Read our guide packed full of hints & tips to get the most out of your cucumber plants.

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How To Grow With Love

In this, the third installment of a new series of sustainability blogs inspired by content from her Climate Change Garden book, Kim Stoddart explains how to reach out to others in a positive way during these challenging times…

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Growing your own vegetables is one of the most satisfying things you can do. Whether you have an allotment or a small vegetable patch in your garden. Our useful guides will help you be successful when growing your own.

Vegetable Growing Guides

Beginner's Guide to Vegetable Growing

Growing vegetables can be very rewarding but often comes with it’s difficulties. The Beginner’s Guide to Vegetable Growing will talk you through everything from where to grow vegetables to varieties perfect for beginners.

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Growing Your Chilli

Turn up the heat by growing your chilli peppers from plants. This guide is filled with amazing hints & tips to get the most out of your chilli plant along with information about some of the hottest chilli pepper varieties.

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Building a Natural Defence Against Climate Change

Follow Kim Stoddart as she explains how to build natural defenses against climate change. From naturalising areas of the garden with wildflower to allowing the natural order of wildlife in your garden to lighten the workload.

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Growing Tomatoes From Seeds

Tomatoes are a popular choice to grow in your garden. Rewarding with a bounty of delicious crops. With an array of varieties available to grow, this guide is filled with tips to get started growing your tomatoes from seed.

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Growing Pot Ready Vegetable Plants

When buying vegetable plants, pot ready plants are great for hassle- free growing. However they will still need some time, care and attention. Our handy guide will help you get the best out of your pot ready vegetable plants.

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Brassica Plants Vegetable Growing Instructions

Brassicas are fundamental to growing your own vegetables. From Cabbage and Kale to Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts, growing brassicas has never been easier with our convenient and easy to follow guide to growing brassicas.

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Vegetable Growing Downloads


There’s only one thing better than the thought of a fresh bowl of mixed fruit and that’s when you have grown it all yourself. Take advantage of our easy to use fruit growing guides so that you get the very best out of your plants and trees.

Fruit Growing Guides

Guide to Growing Patio Fruit and Vegetables

Whether you have a large garden or just your patio, there’s always room for growing your own produce. With this handy guide you can see how to best utilise your space to grow everything you need for a delicious fruit salad.

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Mulberry Charlotte Russe Growing Guide

Get the very best out of your Mulberry Charlotte Russe using this handy guide. Being far too good not to be growing in your garden and hard to find in the shops it’s only right that you get the most out of your Mulberry bush.

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Strawberry Plants Growing Guide

Who doesn’t love a bowl of strawberries with a dollop of fresh cream? Use this guide filled with helpful advice on anything from planting your strawberries in pots to cultivation to get the most out of your strawberry plants.

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Guide to Planting and Growing Fruit Trees

Growing fruit trees in your garden can be very rewarding for years and years but can come with its difficulties. This guide offers advice on how to plant new fruit trees and when the best time of the year is to plant them.

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How to Grow Soft Fruit

Picking soft fruit off of plants has been a treasured pastime for many. Growing soft fruit can be made much easier after using this guide, offering advice on growing Blackcurrants, Redcurrants, white currants & Gooseberries.

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Citrus Tree Growing Guide

Many fruit trees bear citrus fruits such as limes, lemons and oranges. Despite them being surprisingly hardy, they can often require extra care. This guide is packed full of advice to get the most out of your citrus trees.

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Fruit Growing Downloads


Flowers have an instantly uplifting feeling in the garden, whether you’re looking to create wonderful displays or the edge of a cottage garden path. Our easy to use and helpful guides will help you produce wonderful flowers.

Flower Growing Guides

Cut Flower Wall

Flowers can be very versatile with some making stunning cut flower displays to decorate your home with. This very handy wall chart will help you decide which flowers to grow to create the most amazing flower arrangements.

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Hemerocallis Growing Guide

Hemerocallis are a truly stunning perennial plants that produce beautiful lily like flowers in a succession over a long period of time. To make sure you take full advantage of these beautiful flowers use this helpful guide.

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Ranunculus Growing Guide

Ranunculus produces stunning rose clustered blooms in a wide range of colours. They are favoured in cut flower displays and to create decorative flower pot displays. Use this helpful guide to help grow these amazing flowers.

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Saffron Crocus Growing Guide

Rich in history and rich in price being the most expensive spice in the world. Producing fantastic deep purple flowers you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of these plants. Use this handy guide full of hints & tips.

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A Guide To Growing Your Own Edible Flowers

Flowers were first recorded as being used in culinary methods in 140 BC so it is only right that we carry on this historic tradition. Our guide to growing edible flowers has everything needed to get started growing your own!

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Jacaranda Bonsai Blue Growing Guide

The Jacaranda Bonsai Blue is a one of a kind, magnificent plant producing beautiful blue flowers. This guide has everything from growing information to looking after your Jacaranda Bonsai Blue once it’s grown and bloomed.

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Flower Growing Downloads