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Broad Bean Seeds

Broad bean seeds give you a crop that really is best eaten fresh from harvest. Full of nutrients, they are easy to germinate and grow. Choose our namesake ‘The Sutton’ for a small space or windy site, or ‘Karmazyn’ for an unusual red bean. Once you’ve tasted homegrown, shop bought will never be the same.

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Broad bean seed helpful tips

Choose a range of broad bean seeds and you could be harvesting for weeks with varieties cropping from May to late summer. Overwintering, hardy varieties are useful for filling the ‘hungry gap’ early in the season. Grow from seed for full satisfaction and value or choose bean plants for quicker results.

We’ve also got runner bean seeds and French beans seeds and lots of advice on how to get bumper crops of beans. Here are some of the questions we’re frequently asked.

How to sow broad bean seeds

Hardy varieties of broad bean seeds can be sown under cover in autumn for overwintering or planting out in milder areas, although protection from cloches or fleece is advised during cold weather. Other varieties can be sown in February for planting out in spring.

Sow into module trays or small pots filled with moist multi-purpose or seed compost, one seed per module, and cover with compost. Keep in a light spot until they are planted out.

Broad bean seeds can be direct sown into the ground either in autumn for hardy varieties in a sheltered, free-draining site or in spring from March to early May for other varieties. Warming the soil with some fleece for a couple of weeks first helps germination.

How to grow broad bean seeds

Tall varieties will need staking using canes and string woven between the plants. Keep plants well-watered and pick before the pods become too big.

How to stop mice and other pests eating seeds

Start broad bean seeds off under cover to deter mice and cover plants with netting or a tunnel cloche to stop birds digging up plants. Pinch out the tops once the first pods have set to deter blackfly.

For more helpful information read our expert bean growing tips here.