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Broad Bean Seeds

The Broad Bean really is a classic British crop, either served cold in a salad or steamed for a hearty meal. This is versatile edible and a tough plant which is easy to germinate and grow. The Broad Bean is full of nutrients, protein and roughage. Grow a huge range of vegetables from seed with the extensive range from Suttons.

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Suttons offer a wide range of Broad Bean varieties that can be sown both early spring and autumn. The autumn sown beans help maintain soil structure throughout the dark months and provide a high yield crop early summer. Allotments in winter are full of varieties of broad bean such as ‘The Sutton’ but if you have no space try ‘Robin Hood’ in containers on balcony or patio.

How to grow Broad Beans from seed

Growing broad beans in pots

The Dwarf variety of broad bean, Robin Hood, will provide you with a good crop of nutritious beans that taste far superior to any you'll find at the supermarket!

Broad Bean plants will enjoy a regular Liquid feed. Keeping their surface roots from drying out is crucial for Beans, as they grow apply an organic Mulch . Supporting them with canes might help once they get large but if they are planted in blocks they can self-support. Dig them into the soil after they are spent as they are incredibly good for soil structure.

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