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Bare Root Hedging Plants

Buy bare root hedging plants including box, laurel, privet and yew hedge plants here at Suttons. Bare rooted hedge plants are a convenient and cost-effective way to create garden hedges and screens. We've also created bare root hedge collections including edible, fast-growing and native hedging. Read our free 'how to plant and care for bare root hedges guide' for practical tips on growing a healthy hedge. Browse our full range of hedge plants for more options.

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Bare root hedging plants - more info

Hedges are a great addition to any garden. They make a wildlife-friendly boundary, a backdrop for borders and can be used to screen areas from view. The secret to success is good soil preparation with plenty of organic matter added when planting. There’s more helpful advice in the frequently asked questions below.

Which plants make good evergreen hedges?

Privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium) is a classic evergreen hedge, and we have both the golden and standard green varieties. Other popular evergreen hedge plant options are yew, box, and cherry laurel.

Which hedging plants are best for wildlife?

All hedges are great for wildlife offering shelter and somewhere to nest. Choose something like spindle, hawthorn or dog rose for berries that will feed birds, and flowering hedges such as crab apple, dogwood, roses or ribes for pollinators.

Which hedging plants are best for winter interest?

For year-round interest, use an evergreen plant. Alternatively, try copper beech or hornbeam, which hold their leaves over winter if clipped. Dogwoods lose their foliage but have brightly coloured stems.