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Plants for Bees

Bees are definitely a gardener’s best friend. Without bees our garden plants would die, as bees are instrumental in their pollination. It is essential that we support our bee population with a variety of pollen- and nectar-rich, bee-attracting flowers. Shop bee-friendly plants.

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Bees are active from February and October, so you can help by growing pollen- and nectar-rich plants for bees that bloom during this period. There is a wide variety of plants for bees which you can grow, such as Mahonia, Cotoneaster, Cyclamen, Ivy, Skimmia, Fatsia and Viburnum.

Browse our range of plants for bees and start growing plants that are beneficial to bees - quality guaranteed! 

Top Tips

In addition to planting bee-friendly varieties, here are some other ways in which you can help the bees in your garden.

Leaving grass longer during winter will provide shelter. So, on those milder days, think twice before reaching for the lawnmower. If you can’t resist the desire to neaten your lawn a little, please set the blades high.

A log pile left undisturbed or simply a small bundle of twigs and branches will provide shelter for bees and other insects.

The hollow stems of perennials and grasses provide perfect shelter for resting bees, so try to avoid being too tidy.

Providing winter food and shelter for bees will in turn help them to pollinate our crops next summer. A true partnership.