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Maincrop Seed Potatoes

Maincrop potatoes are the best variety to store for later eating, maincrop seed potatoes are planted between March and early May, ready for harvesting between the end of August and October. Maincrop potatoes produce tubers that you can use in so many delicious ways: mash, boil, roast, bake or make into chips!

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Maincrop seed potatoes take up the most room in your vegetable patch; however, they can be stored for much longer than other types of potato, and they produce lovely, large spuds that can be cooked in a variety of ways. It’s easy to grow potatoes, after planting one seed potato a few months later it produces lots of maincrop potatoes.

What Are Maincrop Potatoes?

Maincrop potatoes take longer to mature than first early potatoes, second early and late season potatoes. They are harvested from the end of July to September.

When To Plant Maincrop Potatoes

Maincrop seed potatoes are large plants and therefore they need to be planted in the ground in a sunny position, rather than in a container. They are not frost tolerant, so it is best to either wait until the last frost has passed, or use plant protection such as a cold frame or garden cloche.

Plant potatoes at a depth of 10cm, with 30 to 40cm between each potato. There needs to be at least 70 to 75 cm between each row to give the seed potatoes enough space to grow.

As the shoots appear, build the soil up around them to give them protection from the cold. Water the plants well, especially when the weather gets warmer.

When Do You Harvest Maincrop Potatoes

Open potato flowers (if present) indicate when the first tubers are present. This should take around 14 weeks after planting. The potatoes should then be left for 2 to 3 weeks to allow the skin to harden so that they are able to store better. Directly after harvesting leave the potatoes to dry for a few hours.

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