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Quality Runner Bean Seeds

Runner by name, runner by nature. No garden should be without the Runner Bean, even if your garden is not overly dedicated to edibles its still good to sneak in some Runner Bean as they are very beautiful plants. Of course, they are very tasty too and a Sunday dinner special. With a wide range of seeds to choose from, you're sure to find a favourite here.

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Why Grow Runner Beans From Seed?

There are many runner bean varieties, how about thinking outside the box and planting them on an Archway. Bamboo Wigwams dotted among an herbaceous border makes a great horticultural feature. Ready-made Runner Bean Frames is also a perfect way to grow these striking plants. Growing runner beans in pots or containers is easy, Suttons have a great choice of beans perfect for small spaces, try ‘Hestia’. Want a reliable old favourite then ‘Scarlett emperor’ won’t let you down, and for something a little bit different, the ‘Snowstorm’ is a good choice.

When To Plant Runner Bean Seeds?

Sow seeds under glass in April or outdoors in May or June. 

Growing Runner Bean From Seed

Pick and prevail, Runners will keep coming if constantly picked as they mature. A Mulch around the base of compost will help keep those roots damp. If you really want to enrich your soil underplant Beans with Green manure in the form of field Beans. They can all be dug in at the end of the season. As an added bonus Runner Beans are loved by Bees and the crop often buzzes with their sound.

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