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Kale Seeds

Kale is an all year round crop that is strong, reliable and easy to raise from seed. One of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet, it's packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. What's more, this attractive cut-and-come-again veg can be grown in the ground, containers or alongside your flowers as an ornamental edible. Even if you have a tiny garden, try to find space for this health-boosting vegetable seed.

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Why Grow Kale From Seed?

A Veggie that needs no flower or fruit to earn its place in the garden. All its goodness comes from its green leaves. Suttons offer an array of kale varieties to grow, from curly kale to pinks and grey greens of ‘Buttonhole Starmaker‘ to the strong and resilient ‘Black Magic’ and the ‘Peacock White’. These elegant plants can be used as dot plant in a container surrounded by some colourful bedding or spotted through a mixed border. It is grazed by snipping out the new growth and transported to the kitchen.

How do I Grow Kale Plants From Seed?

How do I look after Kale Plants?

Keeping young plants moist is important for Kale development, watering deeply in the cool early mornings or dusk conditions. Add a mulch or Organic Nitrogen feed. Watch out for Pigeons if they are about a net will be required. 

Should I grow Kale In Containers Or Pots?

Most Kales are happy to grow in containers, so limited space does not mean you can have access to this delicious veggie. Don't worry if they look a bit sad in the summer, as the weather cools these plants really come into their own.

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