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New Bedding Plants

Add a fresh look to your garden displays with these new bedding plants. Building on over 200 years of experience, our expert horticulturalists continue to produce innovative bedding plants for your delight.

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What to do with your new bedding plants

Beds and borders - Depending on the style of your garden, there are many ways to use interesting bedding plants in your beds and borders. You can fill your beds with a neat formal display, create an informal border to fill in spaces, or go for an abundant carpet bedding scheme with a tight and compact plant arrangement. There’s so much you can do with bedding plants!

Patio containers - Certain bedding plants, such as Begonias, Geraniums, Petunias and Lobelia, are well suited to patio containers as well as thriving in the ground. Depending on the size of your container, you can plant several species or varieties in one pot, or go for a single plant for a simpler look.

Hanging baskets - Add some vertical interest to your walls with hanging baskets plants! Certain bedding plants, especially trailing plants, are perfect for hanging baskets, eventually spilling over the sides of the container and trailing towards the ground.