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Dahlia Plants

Dahlias are the firework display of any late summer border. They come in a wide array of bright bold colours and a variety of different shapes. From tall display cultivars to smaller bedding types, they really do add sizzle to your outdoor site.

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Why Grow Dahlias?

Originating in Mexico, dahlias are named after a Swedish botanist - Anders Dahl who was responsible for breeding new hybrids.

They are often associated with Victorians, for they, along with many in the first part of the 20th century, took a shine to growing prize blooms to impress in both gardens and on the show bench.

You can purchase a wide variety of dahlia tubers from Suttons, however, you can also purchase dahlia plants in leaf in early summer, ready for the border or pots.

Dahlia 'Pink Star' has bright pink cactus-shaped blooms on dark foliage and being compact at a height of around 50cm, works well in a pot or at the front of a border. LaBella 'Maggiore Deep Rose' is also pretty in pink, standing a little taller but still dwarf enough for patio pots. LaBella range is also available in bright yellow or rose bicolour – the choice is yours.

When the nights start to draw in after midsummer, dahlias will lighten your borders for months to come. 

When To Plant Dahlias?

Do not plant outdoors before late May/early June after the chance of frost has passed.

For dahlias plug plant - pot these on and keep them in the greenhouse for a few weeks before planting them out. A 7cm pot filled loosely with moist compost is ideal to plant these sturdy young plants into. In each pack of extra value plug plants, you will find a dibber stick.

Where To Grow Dahlia Plants?

How To Grow Dahlia Plants?