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Tomato Seeds

Tomato seeds from Suttons are one of our most popular ranges of vegetable seeds. There's no better place to start growing than the humble tomato. Choose from over fifty varieties of Suttons tomato seeds to suit both your taste and growing environment.

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Tomato seeds - a quick guide

The hardest part about raising tomatoes from seed is choosing what to grow. From bite-sized cherry tomatoes to huge beefsteaks or heritage varieties, we have tomato seeds for every taste. Some are traditional cordon varieties, while others are suitable for containers or hanging baskets.

When do you plant tomato seeds?

If you are going to grow tomatoes under glass, plant the seed from late February to mid-March. Tomato plants that are going to be grown outside should be started between late March and early April so they are ready to plant out after the last frosts.

Which tomato varieties grow the quickest?

Cherry tomatoes will ripen quicker than larger varieties, such as beefsteak, and bush varieties are quicker than cordon varieties. Among the earliest to crop are ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Bite Size’.

How long do tomato seeds take to germinate?

Tomato seeds need a constant temperature of 21°C and will take between seven and 21 days to germinate.

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