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Tomato Seeds

Welcome to the wonderful world of Suttons tomato seeds. One of our most popular ranges of vegetable seeds, there is no better place to start growing than the humble tomato. Choose from over fifty varieties of Suttons tomato seeds to suit both your taste and growing environment.

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What makes our tomato seeds special?

The taste of a fresh tomato grown from seed will ignite a passion for growing that will last a lifetime. It's a difficult feeling to describe, the wonder of starting a tomato plant from something as small as a seed right through to having your first homegrown tomato salad. With so many tomato varieties to choose from you are spoilt for choice.

From Heritage tomato seed to traditional Corden varieties. We are constantly developing our range and looking for tomato seeds for all tastes and settings.

When to plant tomato seeds?

Tomatoes are easy to grow. Plant your tomato seeds in a heated propagator in early spring. About 6 weeks before the last frost date.

How to grow tomato plants from seed?

A few gardening disciplines will guide you to the perfect tomato and giving your seeds a good strong start in life is half the battle.

Make sure you give them space so the air can circulate. Once you start to see the tomato flowers, pinch out and greenside shoots with your finger-tips. A final boost with a top dress on the soils around your plant with a few Comfrey pellets will put you well on the way to a bounty of tomatoes from July to the first frosts.

Read our full guide on growing tomatoes here.