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Aster Seeds

Asters are great flowering plants for late summer when many other plants have passed their best and are fading. This Daisy-like plant will flower late summer colour into autumn. Their pastels colours are relaxing on the eye making them a perfect accompanist to the gradually shorter days.

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Why Grow Aster Flowers From Seeds?

Aster plants look much better when planted in groups or drifts. A block of beautifully subtle Aster flowers against a late summer autumnal sky really is worth the effort of growing these plants. Suttons offer some superb Aster varieties including ‘Milady mix’, a dwarf aster, a heavy flowering and heavy petalled Aster or the blousy pom-pom ‘Fraggle mix’. Matsumoto aster seeds are perfect for the front of borders.

How to grow Asters from seed?

How Do You Germinate Aster Seeds?

Aster seed germination takes about 10 to 14 days. Transplant the seedlings into trays 5cm apart and grow on. Gradually acclimatise the Aster plants to outside conditions, and plant out at around 35cm apart.

Aster’s are great for wildlife, loved by Bees and butterflies, providing nectar toward the end of the season. Deadhead spent flowers to keep those lovely colours coming. 

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