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When To Sow Vegetable Seeds

Grow your own nutritious vegetables throughout the year - browse our extensive selection of vegetable seeds today. Not sure when to sow? Our month-by-month guide has all the information you need.

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Growing your own vegetables helps you save money, control quality and become more self-sufficient. If you're planning to raise award-winning onions and leeks, start germinating the seeds now.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Aubergines Lamb's lettuce (year 2) Swede (year 2)
Onions Leeks Cauliflowers
Shallots Parsnips (year 2) Collard (year 2)
Cauliflowers - greenhouse Cabbage (winter) Brussels sprouts (year 2)
Leeks (exhibition) Kale Winter hardy spinach (year 2)
Lemon grass Spinach (perpetual) (year 2)


February is a great month to start veg seeds indoors ahead of the warmer weather. A luxury vegetable with a luxury price tag, asparagus is cheap to grow from seed if you have the time and space to allow it to mature.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Alpine strawberries Sweet peppers Carrots (early) Brussels sprouts (year 2)
Asparagus Tomatoes Lamb's lettuce Cabbage (winter)
Aubergines Basil Parsnips Kale
Broad beans Parsley Spinach Lamb's lettuce (year 2)
Brussels sprouts Mint Beetroot Leeks
Cabbage (summer) Sage Parsnips (year 2)
Cauliflowers - greenhouse Artichoke (globe) Spinach (perpetual) (year 2)
Shallots Peas Cauliflowers
Chillies Broccoli Collard (year 2)
Cucumbers Korean mint Broccoli (year 2)
Leeks (exhibition) Radishes Winter hardy spinach (year 2)
Onions Leaf salad


Plan ahead to keep your veg patch productive all year round. This month you can sow summer cabbages indoors at the same time as you start your winter cabbages in the greenhouse. Don't forget to try our new and exciting tomato varieties and colourful cauliflowers.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Alpine strawberries Asparagus Broccoli (year 2)
Asparagus Beetroot Lemon grass
Aubergines Broad beans Cauliflowers
Basil Broccoli Parsnips (year 2)
Cabbage (summer) Brussels sprouts Winter lettuce (year 2)
Celeriac Cauliflowers Spring onions (year 2)
Celery Carrots (early) Winter hardy spinach (year 2)
Chillies Cabbage (summer)
Cucumbers Spinach (perpetual)
Cabbage (winter) - greenhouse Spring onions
Pak choi Leeks
Mint Lettuce
Sweet peppers Radishes
Peas Salad leaves
Tomatoes Shallots
Korean mint Spinach
Courgettes Korean mint
Collard Lamb's lettuce
Chives Parsnips
Sweetcorn Onions
Okra Parsley
Sage Sage
Broccoli Artichoke (globe)
Artichoke (globe) Collard
Lemon grass Sorrel
Kohlrabi Garlic chives
Cornichon Marjoram
Garlic chives Watercress
Marjoram Rhubarb seeds
Melons Oregano
Leaf salad Dill - final positions


Some of the most expensive vegetables and herbs can be cheaply grown from seed this month. Direct sow globe artichoke seeds, pak choi and kohlrabi to jazz things up in the kitchen. Herbs like Korean mint and Rocket 'Scorpion' can't be bought in a supermarket.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Mint Asparagus Oregano Asparagus - year 3 onwards
Artichoke (globe) Artichoke (globe) Garlic chives Leeks (year 2)
Asparagus Beetroot Dill - final positions Pak choi
Sweetcorn Broad beans Endive Radishes
Basil Brussels sprouts Broccoli Spring onions
Lemon grass Carrots Mustard leaves Spinach
Butternut squash Cauliflowers Rocket scorpion Mint
Runner beans Celery Thyme Cabbage (Spring)
Cabbage (winter) - greenhouse Rhubarb seeds Rosemary Mustard leaves
Celeriac Kale Wok Broc Korean mint
Celery Kohlrabi Marjoram Thyme (year 2 onwards)
Chillies Leeks Lemon coriander Watercress
Courgettes Lettuce Borage Winter lettuce
Cucumbers Onions Watercress Spring onions (year 2)
French beans Pak choi Rocket Winter hardy spinach (year 2)
Sweet peppers Parsnips Aubergines
Marrow Peas Shallots
Tomatoes Lamb's lettuce Turnips
Pumpkin Radishes Coriander
Chives Salad leaves
Squash Spinach
Melons Spinach (perpetual)
Broccoli Spring onions
Cucamelons Swiss Chard
Coriander Cabbage (summer)
Okra Winter lettuce
Cornichon Parsley
Garlic chives Sage
Edamame Korean mint
Marjoram Cabbage (winter)
Fennel Collard
Leaf salad Sorrel


Sow pea and bean seeds this month and harvest regularly throughout summer to keep your plants cropping. For colourful and flavoursome fresh produce in the autumn, start sweetcorn, butternut squash and pumpkin seeds now too.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Basil Cucumber (outdoor varieties) Cabbage (winter) Broad beans
Edamame Beetroot Spring onions Asparagus - year 3 onwards
Butternut squash Broad beans Courgettes Cauliflowers
Cucamelons Carrots Collard Peas
Chives Cauliflowers Sorrel Pak choi
Garlic chives Fennel - final positions Sweetcorn Radishes
French beans Kale Oregano Salad leaves
Marrow Kohlrabi Garlic chives Spinach
Pumpkin Lettuce Dill - final positions Spinach (perpetual)
Runner beans Pumpkin Endive Spring onions
Squash Parsnips Spinach Carrots
Sweetcorn Peas Spinach (perpetual) Lamb's lettuce
Cornichon Sage Broccoli Mint
Coriander Radishes French beans Sage
Marjoram Salad leaves Marrow Artichoke (globe) (year 2)
Leaf salad Swiss Chard Runner beans Cabbage (Spring)
Turnips Mustard leaves Lettuce
Cabbage (summer) Marjoram Rhubarb (year 2)
Rocket scorpion Lemon coriander Endive
Thyme Melons Korean mint
Rosemary Swede Mustard leaves
Wok Broc Borage Thyme (year 2 onwards)
Watercress Rocket Rosemary (year 2 onwards)
Lamb's lettuce Squash Watercress
Parsley Coriander Winter lettuce
Winter lettuce


June's a great month to sow interesting salad and leaf seeds. Growing your own allows you to choose unusual varieties that are expensive to buy. Succession sow the seeds every 2-3 weeks throughout summer for a continuous supply.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Basil Beetroot Asparagus - year 3 onwards
Coriander Broad beans Beetroot
Butternut squash Carrots Broad beans
Chicory Cauliflowers Rosemary (year 2 onwards)
Leaf salad Courgettes Cauliflowers
Fennel - final positions Kohlrabi
French beans Lettuce
Kohlrabi Cauliflowers (year 2)
Lettuce Pak choi
Marrow Peas
Pak choi Radishes
Peas Rocket
Butternut squash Salad leaves
Radishes Spinach
Runner beans Spinach (perpetual)
Salad leaves Spring onions
Borage Turnips
Spinach Carrots
Swiss Chard Lemon coriander
Turnips Borage
Spring onions Alpine strawberries
Rocket scorpion Lamb's lettuce
Thyme Basil
Cucumber (outdoor varieties) Mint
Lamb's lettuce Sage
Parsley Artichoke (globe) (year 2)
Winter lettuce Rhubarb (year 2)
Kale Collard
Collard Sorrel
Endive Chives
Spinach (perpetual) Garlic chives
Broccoli Endive
Pumpkin Mustard leaves
Squash Rocket scorpion
Mustard leaves Parsley
Wok Broc Thyme (year 2 onwards)
Lemon coriander Korean mint
Swede Watercress
Watercress Winter lettuce
Chinese cabbage


Quick growing crops like radishes, beetroot, spinach and rocket can all be planted outside this month. If your veg patch is full, grow them in containers close to your water supply.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Chicory Spinach Asparagus - very light harvest - year 1 Chillies
Leaf salad Beetroot Artichoke (globe) (year 2) Lamb's lettuce
Cabbage (Spring) Basil Parsley
Kohlrabi Broad beans Mint
French beans Broccoli Sage
Lettuce Beetroot Rhubarb (year 2)
Pak choi Carrots Sweetcorn
Radishes Cauliflowers Cabbage (summer)
Rocket Courgettes Collard
Salad leaves Cucumbers Sorrel
Spinach (perpetual) French beans Chives
Carrots Kohlrabi Garlic chives
Swiss Chard Lettuce Dill
Fennel Rocket Endive
Turnips Marrow Lemon grass
Collard Pak choi Okra
Lamb's lettuce Peas Fennel
Parsley Radishes Runner beans
Endive Salad leaves Mustard leaves
Mustard leaves Spinach Rocket scorpion
Wok Broc Spinach (perpetual) Melons
Watercress Spring onions Korean mint
Chinese cabbage Squash Thyme (year 2 onwards)
Winter lettuce Sweet peppers Rosemary (year 2 onwards)
Swiss Chard Wok Broc
Tomatoes Cornichon
Turnips Cucamelons
Shallots Lemon coriander
Butternut squash Watercress
Borage Chinese cabbage
Alpine strawberries Winter lettuce


Stir fries are a quick and easy family meal, and the fresher the veg, the healthier. Direct sow pak choi, Swiss chard and Wok Broc seeds this month to lend an oriental flavour to autumn recipes.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Leaf salad Lettuce Artichoke (globe) (year 2) Korean mint
Pak choi Aubergines Edamame
Watercress Basil Wok Broc
Radishes Beetroot Alpine strawberries
Swiss Chard Broad beans Lamb's lettuce
Beetroot Broccoli Parsley
Spring onions Butternut squash Mint
Rocket scorpion Carrots Sage
Cabbage (Spring) Cauliflowers Cabbage (summer)
Spinach Celery Courgettes
Turnips Chillies Collard
Chinese cabbage Cucumbers Sorrel
Wok Broc Fennel Chives
Green manure French beans Oregano
Winter hardy spinach Kohlrabi Garlic chives
Cauliflowers Lettuce Dill
Winter lettuce Marrow Endive
Onions Lemon grass
Pak choi Okra
Peas Mustard leaves
Radishes Rocket scorpion
Rocket Melons
Runner beans Thyme (year 2 onwards)
Salad leaves Rosemary (year 2 onwards)
Spinach Cornichon
Spinach (perpetual) Marjoram
Spring onions Cucamelons
Squash Lemon coriander
Sweetcorn Borage
Sweet peppers Watercress
Swiss Chard Coriander
Tomatoes Chinese cabbage
Turnips Leeks
Shallots Winter lettuce


Now is a good time to sow hardy winter lettuces to keep you going through the coldest months. If you have space, sow some cauliflower seeds too, especially if you have a greenhouse or cold frame.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Leaf salad Cauliflowers Artichoke (globe) (year 2) Sweet peppers
Radishes Aubergines Swiss Chard
Swiss Chard Beetroot Tomatoes
Spring onions Broccoli Turnips
Rocket scorpion Brussels sprouts Basil
Mustard leaves Butternut squash Lamb's lettuce
Winter hardy spinach Cabbage (summer) Parsley
Wok Broc Carrots Mint
Cauliflowers Cauliflowers Sage
Green manure Celeriac Collard
Lamb's lettuce Celery Sorrel
Winter lettuce Chillies Chives
Beetroot Courgettes Oregano
Cucumbers Garlic chives
Kale Dill
Fennel Endive
French beans Okra
Kohlrabi Mustard leaves
Lettuce Melons
Rocket scorpion Thyme (year 2 onwards)
Marrow Rosemary (year 2 onwards)
Onions Wok Broc
Pak choi Cornichon
Parsnips Marjoram
Peas Winter lettuce
Pumpkin Cucamelons
Radishes Lemon coriander
Rocket Swede
Runner beans Borage
Salad leaves Watercress
Spinach Coriander
Spinach (perpetual) Edamame
Spring onions Chinese cabbage
Squash Leeks


Direct sow hardy varieties of broad beans this month to get an extra early crop next May. Sow a few more seeds in November to extend the bounty.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Leaf salad Winter hardy spring onions Aubergines Parsley
Beetroot Beetroot Sage
Cauliflowers Broccoli Collard
Mustard leaves Brussels sprouts Sorrel
Rocket scorpion Butternut squash Chives
Green manure Peas Garlic chives
Broad beans Carrots Dill
Cauliflowers Lemon grass
Celeriac Okra
Celery Turnips
Chillies Rocket scorpion
Fennel Basil
French beans Thyme (year 2onwards)
Kale Lemon coriander
Kohlrabi Rosemary (year 2 onwards)
Lettuce Wok Broc
Marrow Chicory
Runner beans Marjoram
Pak choi Cabbage (summer)
Parsnips Borage
Pumpkin Swede
Radishes Swiss Chard
Sweetcorn Mustard leaves
Spinach Onions
Spinach (perpetual) Winter hardy spinach
Spring onions Watercress
Squash Coriander
Sweet peppers Edamame
Lamb's lettuce Chinese cabbage
Leeks Winter lettuce


Warm up winter by growing a fiery crop of hardy mustard leaves. Packed with flavour, they're a great addition to salads, sandwiches and stir fries. And if you're looking for windowsill crops to grow through the coldest months, try rocket and sprouting seeds too.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Broad beans Brussels sprouts Winter lettuce
Mustard leaves Cauliflowers Lamb's lettuce
Celeriac Leeks
Kale Parsley
Lettuce Winter hardy spinach
Parsnips Collard
Spinach (perpetual) Kohlrabi
Swede Turnips
Chicory Mustard leaves
Carrots Rocket scorpion
Wok Broc Cabbage (winter)
Swiss Chard Thyme (year 2 onwards)
Borage Beetroot
Watercress Rosemary (year 2 onwards)


Champion onion growers traditionally sow their seeds on Boxing Day! Whether you want to grow a giant variety or you're planning to fill your stores with red, yellow and brown onions to flavour almost everything you cook, germinate the seeds this month.

Sow Indoors Sow Outdoors Harvest
Onions Broad beans Brussels sprouts Chicory
Kale Winter lettuce
Leeks Lamb's lettuce
Parsnips Parsley
Spinach (perpetual) Winter hardy spinach
Swede Cauliflowers
Cabbage (winter) Collard
Celeriac Beetroot
Thyme (year 2 onwards)

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Wondering when to sow vegetables? Whether you’re starting to grow spring vegetables in March, summer vegetables in May or autumn/winter vegetables in September, we have a huge range of beans, leaves and root vegetables to grow at home whatever the season. Order your veg seeds and start planning your home harvest today.

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