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Apricot & Peach Trees

Get sweet, ripe, sun-soaked fruits from pretty peach and apricot trees grown in your very own garden. Whether you choose to plant your stone fruits in open ground, containers, or against a sunny, south-facing wall, these exotic fruit trees make an attractive addition to any outside space. For more mouth watering options, take a look at our selection of high quality patio fruit plants.

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Growing peach and apricot trees from Suttons

Delicious peaches and apricots may make you think of beautiful orchards in France, but you can grow these pretty fruit trees and harvest a delicious crop in your very own garden.

Can I grow peaches and apricot trees in the UK?

It is possible to grow hardy varieties of peaches and apricots in the UK. The best way is to fan train them against a sunny, south-facing wall where they will benefit from full sun during the day and the residual warmth from the bricks will keep them warm long into the evening. Fan-training is also a popular way to grow fig trees, cherries and plums. Espalier is more commonly used to grow apple trees and pears.

Are peach and apricot trees self-pollinating?

The dwarf peach and apricot trees at Suttons are self-fertile, meaning you only need one to set fruit. The blossom appears in early spring, around March, and you could always use a soft artist’s paintbrush to hand-pollinate the flowers if you’re worried that there aren’t many pollinating insects around.

When to prune peach and apricot trees

You should always prune peach and apricot trees in early spring when the first leaves start to appear. This reduces the risk of silver leaf disease.

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