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Flower Bulbs & Tubers

Flowering bulbs and tubers are perfect for providing long-lasting spring and summer colour. Here you'll find varieties suitable for garden borders, patio and balcony containers, and to plant in your lawn. Choose from bright and cheery spring bulbs including popular tulip, crocus and daffodil bulbs. For summer blooms you can't beat our begonia and dahlia tubers. If you're looking for flowering plants, these garden bulbs and tubers offer plenty of variety with the added advantage that many are easy to grow and care for.

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Flower Bulbs & Tubers

Garden essentials for anyone who enjoys their spring and summer flowers, our flower bulbs and tubers come ready to plant during their dormant phase. All you need to do is choose from the extensive range on offer here at Suttons, and make sure you get your bulbs into the ground at the time indicated on the packaging to ensure the best results.

How to plant flower bulbs

Most flower bulbs should be planted at a depth equal to two to three times the height of the bulb, and about two bulb widths apart. Tulip bulbs are an exception, and need to be planted a little deeper – to a depth of about 20cm depending on the variety. Always check the planting instructions for the particular varieties you choose.

Caring for bulbs and tubers after flowering

Hardy bulbs can be left in the ground all year and will naturalise over time, providing a carpet of flowers each spring. You can manage your bulbs by digging them up and splitting them – check out our guide for comprehensive details on how to naturalise bulbs effectively. For half-hardy and tender bulbs and tubers, it’s important to move them indoors for overwintering. 

Which bulbs flower earliest in the year?

Snowdrops are the earliest bulbs to flower in the garden, followed by crocus, narcissi and tulips.

Which bulbs give the longest lasting blooms?

Dahlia and begonia tubers will give you one of the longest displays, flowering from summer through to the first frosts. Keep deadheading them to encourage more flowers.

What’s the latest I can plant flowering bulbs?

Narcissi, crocus and hyacinths are best planted by the end of September and tulips in November. However, if you have unplanted bulbs in December or January, it’s still worth getting them in the ground or into pots.

For more information on growing bulbs and tubers, head over to our flower bulb help pages where you’ll find our collection of guides covering all aspects of bulb cultivation.