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Calibrachoa Plants

Calibrachoa plants offer a wide variety of colours made up of hundreds of small trumpet-like flowers. Used as annual bedding in baskets or pots, some trailing stems are up to half a meter forming impressive floral clouds all summer long.

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Calibrachoa are a vital bedding plant, not as well-known as Lobelia or petunias (which they closely resemble), but so worthwhile for their ability to smother baskets and pots with their masses of blooms in all colours. Their common name of million bells well illustrates their floriferous nature.

When creating hanging baskets, select a mixture of upright or bushy plants mixed with trailing specimens, these hanging plants are placed either around the edges on the top or through holes pushed through the sides, from where they form curtains of colour.

Calibrachoa are members of the Solanacea family, so related to potatoes, they originate in South America hence their liking for a warm sunny spot - the preferred place for most summer bedding plants.

When the temperatures soar, calibrachoas are one plant you can rely on to cope - recent trials found them to be particularly drought tolerant.

For a hot colour scheme which will knock your botanical socks off, there are plenty of options to brighten your basket. The 'Orange Red Eye' and its double form 'Double Orange Red Eye' make for a tantalising terracotta display.

As far as container gardening goes, calibrachoas are definitely worth a celebration.

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