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Plant Protection & Netting

Vegetable netting is a quick and easy way to protect your plants from hungry birds and harmful pests. But we also supply plant protection for bad weather and frosts including horticultural fleece, cold frames and cloches. For more helpful garden equipment, see our garden growing accessories. Looking for a more permanent solution? Our collection of greenhouses has a structure to suit every budget.

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We stock plant protection and netting suitable for all seasons, plants and their pests. 

How can we protect vegetables and garden seedlings?

For vegetables, we are proud to provide plant protection and netting, cabbage collars, fleece, cages, meshes and Polythene tunnels.

For plants and shrubs, the frost cloche, thermoplus pot cover, maxi fleece and ventilated solar bells are ideal too.

Low growing fruit plants (i.e. strawberries) can also benefit from mulch mats to protect the plant against splashes, slugs and weeds.

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