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Zinnia Seeds

Zinnia’s are stunning little plants great for borders and happy in containers. The flowers last for such a long time that the Japanese call them the 100-day flower. Their mixed colours sit happily side by side on these plants and deserve pride of place in any garden.

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Why Grow Zinnia’s From Seed? 

A packet of Suttons Zinnia seed offers such great value and many zinnia varieties are available. From the flamboyant to the simple, Suttons offer ‘Molotov mix’, a simple classic daisy-like flower that comes in pinks, reds and oranges. ‘ Fireworks mix’ is a pom-pom type flower with symmetrical petals in reds, pinks and oranges. For something a little different try ‘Queen red lime’ with pink petals and lime and red centres.

How To Plant Zinnia Seed?

Zinnias are hardy annuals so if sowing zinnia seeds outdoors directly into the soil, don't sow too early. Toward the end of spring is a good idea. Indoor sowing is possible but check the variety. They are not keen on root disturbance so if growing inside use modules or root trainer pots.

Zinnia Seeds Germination

Zinnia seeds should germinate within 10 to 21 days. If sowing outdoors the seeds need to be sown thinly in a sunny position. Once they begin to germinate thin the seedlings until they reach the spacing of between 30 and 38cm apart.

If sowing indoors, sow the seeds into trays in the windowsill or greenhouse. Transplant the seedlings into trays 5cm apart and grow on ready for planting out.

Zinnias are great garden colour and for cut flowers, which they will supply most of the summer supply all summer. They are such happy plants that a small bed or large container, just for these special plants is well in order.

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