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Potentilla Plant

Potentilla originates from high alpine and sub-arctic regions and this hardy, compact little shrub thrives in cold climates. Available here as low-growing or upright, deciduous or evergreen – petite Potentilla makes a big ornamental impact in your beds or pots in a range of delightful colours. Be sure to browse our full range of shrubs to give your garden interest, colour and scent.

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Potentilla plants FAQs

Potentilla plants produce jewel-like blooms in pink, yellow or white from spring all the way through to autumn. They’re a fantastic, versatile addition to any area of the garden and are especially good for typically dry, rocky beds and borders. Also known as cinquefoil, this powerhouse plant is a vital source of nectar for bees and butterflies attracting them into the garden. Choose a dwarf variety like Potentilla atrosanguinea var. argyrophylla 'Scarlet Starlit' to enhance a rock garden or a larger shrub like AGM winner Potentilla fruticosa 'Limelight' to make a low growing, informal hedge or to give shape to a mixed border.

When To Plant Potentilla plants

Make sure you plant your container grown potentilla in spring. This allows your new plant to spend the whole summer growing and establishing itself. Remember that they’re a northern hemisphere variety and prefer a cooler position in full sun or partial shade.

How To Plant Potentilla plants

Choose a really well drained site to plant your potentilla. These alpines do their best on the edge of a raised border or at the edge of a mixed planting scheme where they can show off their delicate flowers. If your soil is heavy clay, mix in plenty of grit to improve the drainage before you plant your potentilla, or grow your plant in a small container. Gently loosen the roots in the root ball before placing into the planting hole and backfilling.

Use a free draining multi-purpose compost to grow your potentilla in a pot. Terracotta is a good choice because it keeps the roots inside the pot nice and cool. Remember to soak your terracotta pot for 24 hours in water before planting to hydrate it otherwise it’ll suck the moisture out of the soil and away from the roots. Elevate the container using ‘pot feet’ or bricks after planting. Make sure that your plants never fully dry out in their first year.

What To Plant With Potentilla Plants

Potentilla looks its best paired with Mediterranean plants. This drought tolerant wonder fits perfectly into a coastal garden or on a terraced dry rocky slope. Plant it among cistus, agave and other succulents. Tall ornamental grasses like miscanthus can be a great height contrast to make the low growing potentilla stand out. Being super cold hardy, you don’t need to worry about protecting your potentilla plants during the winter months.