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Cress Seeds

Cress seed is the simplest of food crops to grow but is incredibly delicious. It makes a good and easy to grow watercress substitute. Cress has a peppery flavour making it the perfect final touch to a sandwich. It's also a great little plant for young children to grow.

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How to grow Cress plants from seed

How to grow cress seeds in cotton wool?

Grow a cress egg head! A great easy to grow plant that children can grow. Grow it in used egg-shells with the tops knocked off. Decorate them first with paint and draw on a face.

Fill the egg-shell with soil, kitchen roll or cotton wool and sprinkle the cress seed on thickly. Cress will grow to make an edible hairstyle. Crop and eat when at seedling stage using a pair of scissors to harvest.

How long does cress take to grow?

American Land cress, a tasty alternative to watercress is sown between March and August outdoors and takes between 8 and 10 weeks to mature. Curled cress can be grown indoors all year round, and takes just 6-8 days to reach maturity.