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Colour Themed & Hanging Baskets

Buy pre planted hanging baskets for fuss-free floral displays. Enhance your garden designs with our colour themed collections. Or for a bespoke display, simply fill a hanging basket with your favourite bedding plants.

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Why choose colour themed plant collections?

When planning your garden displays, you’ll be faced with the difficult decision of what border and hanging basket plants look good together. To save you time researching online, or years of trial and error, we surveyed 10,000 customers, asking them to choose their favourite colour combinations. From this, we created our special colour-themed collections.

These collections allow gardeners of any level to form stunning hanging baskets and container displays effortlessly. The complementary colour pairings mean that you can’t go wrong, and the flowering times for each plant have been considered. Plus, the plugs in this selection will be magnets for bees once matured, with a mixture of Petunias, Verbena and Calibrachoas adding extra buzz about your garden.

These collections are sold as 6 or 12 Super Plugs to accommodate smaller and larger baskets. They’re also perfect for raised flower beds and patio pots.

How to fill your colour themed hanging baskets

  1. Choose the size of your hanging baskets. Small baskets may require watering daily, while larger baskets will be able to retain more water.
  2. Select a lining material. There are many choices when it comes to hanging basket lining materials: sphagnum moss, coco coir, landscaping fabric, and more.
  3. Decide whether you want plants to grow out of the sides of your baskets (make cuts in the lining to place the plugs through), or trail out of the top and over the sides.
  4. Fill your basket with good potting soil, then install your automatic irrigation system or insert a water reservoir for manual watering.
  5. Add your plugs to your basket, poking them through the cuts in the sides (if you’ve opted for side planting) and adding soil as you go, or inserting them into the top of the basket.
  6. Give the basket a good soak, and enjoy!

Why buy pre planted hanging baskets?

Pre planted hanging baskets are the ultimate in fuss-free gardening. Simply pick your ready planted baskets, place an order, position them in a prime spot, water and wait! Our ready made hanging baskets are a hassle-free and low maintenance option to get an impressive display of instant colour.

For your convenience and delight, most of our colour themed collections are available as ready planted hanging baskets, potted plants or plug plants.