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Sweet Pea Seeds

Sweet pea seeds grow into care-free plants with a bubbly personality and are loved by gardeners across the UK. Whether scrambling over arches or wrapping around obelisks, these beautiful plants provide scent and colour wherever they grow. If you don't have the time or tools to grow from flower seeds, then browse our popular sweet pea plants for faster results.

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Why Grow Sweet Peas From Seeds?

Sweet Peas have always been thought of as a very traditional flower, and Sutton’s are proud to say that we’ve been supplying them to the Royal Household since the reign of Queen Victoria.

Sweet Peas are the archetypical cottage garden flowers and fit in with a loose informal garden, or grow them in pots on patios if space is tight. 

Suttons provide a great selection of Sweet Pea seeds. For the balcony sow ‘Fragrant tumbler’ which also are great for ground cover in a border. ‘Distant Horizons’ has mixed pastel colours and supply a steady supply of cut flowers, their long flowering season is exceptional. ‘Prince of Orange’ is an unusual heirloom variety that can be autumn sown and go through the winter.

How to grow Sweet Peas From Seed

Grow hardy annuals sown in situ in the spring or they can be raised in root trainers for planting out. Or sown between January and March under glass in gentle heat.

How To Germinate Sweet Pea Seeds

Seeds should germinate within 10-21 days, the seedlings then need to be acclimatised to outside condition before planting out between April and May where the plants should be planted at least 15-20cm apart.

Sweet Peas are an outside and inside plant, growing in the garden but also superb for cut flower. Rising up Obelisks and underplanted with bedding such as Petunia makes for a great little design. Just to add to their talents they are also great for Bee life.

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