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Flowering Shrubs

Flowering shrubs enrich any garden with their delicate blooms and fabulous foliage. We have seasonal varieties as well as repeat flowering shrubs, so you’ll be able to find the perfect plant regardless of the time of year. Buy your shrubs online now.

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Flowering shrubs – more info

Choose from spring flowering shrubs for early colour, summer flowering shrubs for a full garden display, autumn and winter flowering shrubs for year round blooms. Or choose our repeat flowering shrubs for more flowers for even longer!

Shrubs are an important framework in the garden, providing structure and year-round interest if you choose evergreens. With flowering shrubs, you get the added bonus of seasonal flowers. Get them off to a good start by enriching the ground with organic matter or compost when planting. Need advice? Check out the FAQs below, and read the helpful shrubs articles on our blog.

Which flowering shrubs can be grown in a pot?

Many flowering shrubs can be grown in containers, including hydrangeas, daphne, and dwarf buddleja such as ‘Butterfly Candy Little Lila’. For something different, try one of the ‘Towers of Flowers’ range of weigela, which produce upright plants covered in blooms.

Which flowering shrubs are good for winter interest?

Several of our flowering shrubs will flower over winter. Try Sarcococca confusa for winter fragrance, Viburnum tinus varieties and camellias for an early splash of colour.

Can flowering shrubs be used as a hedge?

Many flowering shrubs can be grown as hedges. Try lavender or roses, including ‘Sea Foam’ and ‘The Fairy’, for low hedges. Taller hedges can be made from choisya or dog roses. Berberis has the added advantage of sharp thorns that will help to deter intruders.