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Pansy Seeds

Pansies are one of the gardening worlds most recognised plants and you can find them in most gardens. Pansy flowers come in so many colours and choices. Flowers can be present all through the winter and are in full flow in spring. To grow these and more flowers from seed, check out Suttons' full range.

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Why Grow Pansy Flower Plants From Seeds?

A real favourite for a spring bedding display, underplanted with bulbs in beds or containers or even hanging baskets, these plants are workhorses that will not let you down.

Suttons have a selection that covers all types of tastes, try ‘Adonis’ for a simple bicolour of white and light purple flowers. ‘Fragrant mix’ is a riot of yellows, purples and whites and grows well in a container. ‘Winter flowering mix’ a winter pansy seed for uplifting colour through the dark months. 

Growing Pansies From Seed 

A hardy biennial/perennial, pansy seeds need to be sown between May and July outdoors to bloom over the following spring. Alternatively, you can sow them under glass between February and April to provide you with some lovely flowers between May and September that same year!

How do I germinate Pansy Seeds UK?

Your pansy seeds should germinate within 10 to 21 days. If sowing under glass when the young pansy seedlings begin to develop transplant them into trays 5cm apart. Then the pansy plants need to be acclimatised to outside conditions before planting out at 26cm apart. 

Pansies are easy enough to grow and will survive frost through the winter months. Plants sown in your own garden will have the advantage of being acclimatised. Another great reason to grow Pansies is their edible flowers, traditionally used to decorate salads. Try mixing these plants with Primroses and plant Tulips to grow through for a fantastic spring display. Try this design in containers outside the front door.

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