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Brussels Sprout Seeds

Some might say that Brussel Sprouts are the Marmite of the vegetable world, but they're always tastier when you grow them yourself from seed. Many would say they are highly underrated and fresh Brussels for Christmas dinner cannot be beaten. Try mashing them with butter, or roasted brussels sprouts when they are fresh off the plant absolutely delicious.

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What makes Suttons Brussel Sprout seeds special?

Brussel Sprout plants are part of the cabbage family, and are very hardy plants and will survive through the winter. Exposure to cold weather helps them become full of taste. The Suttons collection are ahead of the game and prove that the Brussel is not such a plain vegetable. Try sowing something unusual like the red brussels sprout seed ‘Red Ball’, or for continuous cropping the crispy and flavoursome ‘Continuity Mix’.

Growing Brussels Sprouts from seed

When should you plant Brussels Sprouts seed?

Brussels are a slow crop to mature but your patience will be rewarded, they taste all the better. The time to harvest is when a small tight ball has developed on the plant stem. Support the plant with canes if necessary. It’s important to note that you should never grow on the same ground the following year, so move the on to soil that did not contain Brassicas last year.

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