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Drought Tolerant Plants

Hosepipe bans needn’t stop you having a garden full of colour, nor should you fret about leaving your garden to go on holiday! There are many different water-conserving drought plants available which will prosper with minimal hydration, in a range of colours and sizes.

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There are plenty of drought-tolerant plants which you can grow to give your garden a low-maintenance style, such as the enchanting Begonia, golden-eye Bidens and even the unusual Medusa Capsicum.

Xeric landscaping

The fantastic concept of xeriscaping, or xeric landscaping, isn’t anything new. However, it’s fast becoming one of the best ways to have a low maintenance garden without compromising on colour, shape, texture, and all the aspects we love about plants.

If you’re planting drought-tolerant plants as part of your xeriscaping journey, there are many accessories that can help make the job easier. Using rocks as part of a rockery will help with drainage, while mulches will allow the soil to retain moisture.

If you’re a drought tolerant plant beginner, it’s best to start by introducing smaller and younger plants to your garden, so that they can establish better within your soil.

Popular drought-tolerant plants

Calendula - These bright yellow and orange flowers bring joy and colour to a dry garden. Historically, this plant has been used for both medicinal and culinary purposes, therefore it’s a wonderful addition to a kitchen or herb garden. However, it also makes a great ornamental that requires little maintenance.

Fig plant - With a fig plant, not only do you get a beautiful and easy-to-care-for addition to your dry garden, you can also achieve delicious fruits for use in your food. Hardy cultivars will thrive in the UK, but will need plant protection to survive through cold winters.

Geranium - Some species of Geranium are drought tolerant under normal summer conditions, and can withstand hot sunshine, making them ideal as patio plants and flowers for hanging baskets.

Best drought-tolerant plants for your garden

There are many wonderful drought-tolerant plants, below are some of Sutton’s bestselling drought-resistant plants for you to choose from