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Nicotiana Seeds

Nicotiana or Night scented stock are beautiful plants not just to look at but also have a superb scent. Their trumpet-like flowers are delicate looking but these plants are robust by nature. They are easy to grow from seed and the colours and scent are perfect for a twilight flower garden.

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What makes Nicotiana seeds special?

Nicotiana can be a border plant but also sits well in containers. In a range of colours from reds to subtle whites and pinks. Suttons provide an incredible amount of tiny seeds per packet allowing you to enjoy this plant in abundance. Some packets have up to 2000 seeds. 

A couple of great varieties are ‘Evening Fragrance mix’ which have a mix of red, pink and white fragrant flowers. Or try ‘Affinis’ a pure white flower perfect for the garden at dusk. 

How Do You Plant Nicotiana Seeds?

A half hardy annual that needs to be sown under glass or in a propagator early in the spring. 

How Long Do Nicotiana Seeds Take To Germinate 

Nicotiana seeds should germinate within 10 to 14 days. Transplant the seedlings into trays 5cm apart, leaving them to grow on. Nicotiana plants need to be acclimatised to outside conditions before planting out at 45 to 60cm apart. 

Large pots filled with Nicotiana flowers and placed on a sunny patio are really stunning. Sit out with a glass of wine on a summer evening and enjoy the colour and scent of this charming plant. Can cut back and mulch at the end of the season which may help the plant to overwinter if in a sheltered position.

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