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House Plants

House plants brighten your home and give your decor an effortless lift. Check out this gorgeous range of tropical, leafy and exotic indoor plants and find the perfect variety for your home or office. Whether you’re after colourful foliage, a flowering house plant or a show-stopping specimen to fill a gloomy corner, we have something for everyone. More than just beautiful accessories, house plants provide health benefits too. Indoor gardening is thought to reduce stress, boost the immune system and positively impact wellbeing. Some house plants can even improve the air quality in your bedroom while you sleep!

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What house plants clean the air?

Many house plants successfully filter toxins and clean the air in our homes, but it's not always the big leafy plants that do the best job. NASA studies found the Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm and Mother-In-Law's Tongue were particularly effective at filtering formaldehyde, benzene and other chemicals from the air. Browse our range of air purifying house plants to help freshen up your home or office.

What house plants are toxic to pets?

Lilies, Aloe Vera and Amaryllis are some of the popular house plants that, if ingested, could make your pets sick. For more information read our pet-friendly house plant guide.

Most house plants are perfectly harmless to your furry friends, but it's always worth checking before purchase. Try Spider Plants or Prayer Plants for a pet-friendly option, they're both easy to maintain and resilient to the odd pat from a paw.

How often should I water house plants?

It depends! Different houseplants have different watering requirements, plus the location and season may also affect the plant's thirst. Read the guidance given with your plant, then monitor and respond as required. You'll soon learn its particular needs and become firm friends. Read our expert advice on how to grow houseplants for some specific watering tips and lots more helpful information.