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Rhubarb Plants

Browse our collection of rhubarb plants for a tangy dessert option that's easy to grow and tastes delicious. A traditional favourite that comes back year after year, we have the perfect rhubarb crowns for your patch. Looking for more soft fruit options? Head over to our new fruits to discover interesting varieties bred for flavour, disease-resistance and high yields.

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Growing your own rhubarb

Rhubarb is a striking plant with large leaves and beautiful red or pink stalks. Easy to grow from crowns or budded pieces, this low-maintenance, perennial crop makes a good long-term investment if you’re trying to reduce your supermarket shopping bill. And if you want to make the stems mature early, you can ‘force’ your crop by covering the plant with a large pot to exclude the light.

Is rhubarb a fruit or vegetable?

Technically rhubarb is a vegetable, but because it’s often used in sweet desserts, it’s usually referred to as a fruit.

How do I grow rhubarb?

Rhubarb can be planted in the ground, raised beds or large containers. It prefers moist, free-draining soil, but can’t cope with being too wet through the winter. It’s happy in a sunny spot or part-shade.

When do I plant rhubarb crowns?

Rhubarb crowns are dormant, and should be planted as soon as possible after delivery. The best times to plant them are October to November and February to March. For more advice, read our article on how to grow rhubarb.

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