Founded in 1806, Suttons has over 200 years of gardening experience and a reputation for delivering the highest quality seeds, plants & equipment. We're proud to launch exciting new products, interactive campaigns & competitions all year-round.

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As one of the biggest and most well-known gardening companies (and the only one to hold a Royal Warrant), we look to satisfy the demands of all gardeners, from the novice to the seasoned pro and from small space gardening to award winning displays.



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Royal Warrant

Royal Warrant

Our Royal Warrant is a mark of recognition of supplying Flower and Vegetable seeds to the Household of HM The Queen. The Royal Warrant is the actual document that appoints Suttons in it's trading capacity as 'Seedsmen' and gives permission and responsibility to us to display the Royal Arms in connection with our business. The honour of the Royal Warrant has been bestowed on us ever since 1958. We are delighted and proud to have held the Royal Warrant for the last 160 years.

New Website for 2021

We lauched our new website in 2020, providing our customers with a greatly improved user experience and designed to increase our conversion rate across all channels. This also gives us much greater flexibility to create and manage landing pages, further optimising our affiliate campaigns and providing your users with an easy journey from your website to ours.

Industry Leading Design

One of the most important changes we've made is the redesign of our homepage. We understand that many people come to our site without knowing exactly what they intend to buy. We also know that, for many people, gardening terminology is confusing and may be a roadblock to making their first purchase. We've created clear signposts at every stage of our homepage, which allows our customers to easily navigate through sections and feel inspired by our ranges & offers.

Suttons Homepage Screenshot

Optimised Product Pages

The info you need, where you need it.

Many of our affiliate customers land directly on our product pages, so it's really important that we communicate the important information in a clear and consise way. Many of our affiliate customers are new to gardening, needing a little guidance and reassurance that this product will be effective and as straight forward to use as possible. For these reasons, we've added a bullet point description and optimised our planting calander & delivery information at the top of our product pages.

Suttons Product Page Screenshot

Bespoke Landing Pages

Campaign-driven, intelligent landing pages. Our new site gives us much more flexibility for creating bespoke landing pages for our marketing campaigns. This means that we have the capability to brand our pages with affiliate messaging, create intelligent product recommendations relevant to our campaigns and create a home away from home for our affilaite customers. We understand that trust is a huge part of any customer journey, and our new site creates a seemless transition from your site to ours.

Suttons landing page screenshot

Unique & Exciting Ranges

Pollinators & Predators!

Look after your pollinators & predators, let nature do the pollination and pest control for you!

Did you know? Companion planting can transform your garden. By encouraging in pollinators & predators with key plants, you can gain a tiny gardening team to do your pest control & pollination, all with the added benefit of supporting British native wildlife by providing habitats and food sources. In return their natural behaviours will increase your crop productivity and reduce insect pest numbers. Companion planting was widely used centuries go in cottage gardens in Britain, but has since declined, as have the numbers of pollinators & predators. Encourage biodiversity in your little patch of this green and pleasant land.

A selection of our partners

We are proud to work with some of the leading affiliate partners in the UK and beyond. Our program is varied and rich with content from our product & horti experts. We love telling the story of our products, here are some of the partners who help us share our message.

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Whether you are keen to become a Suttons retail partner or just have a few questions, feel free to contact us using the form or the contact information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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