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Wildlife Gifts

Suttons has the perfect gifts for wildlife lovers. Everything from homes for bees, lodges for ladybirds, butterflies abodes, frog and hedgehog habitats. Beautiful and unique bird houses and bird feeders for your garden, plus bug hotels. Practical garden gifts such as our camera nest box for the bird watcher in your family. Practical and beautiful garden gifts.

  1. Bees


    Two gifts in one! Bumblebee Villa and Bees for your garden

  2. Bird Feeding

    Bird Feeding

    All types of Bird Feeders for all types of birds.

  3. Bird Houses

    Bird Houses

    From simple Nest Boxes for your garden to Bird Pubs and Country Houses...

  4. Filming


    Wildlife and nestbox cameras for the wildlife fan to watch the animal kingdon in the garden.

  5. Habitats


    Habitats and homes in your garden for Frogs, Bees, Ladybirds, Butterflies and Birds.