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Wallflower Plants

Find your favourite wallflower plants for sale here at Suttons. Available in an array of colours, wallflowers make excellent spring and summer bedding plants. Ideal for borders and for giving your planting scheme a traditional feel, wallflowers bloom copiously, filling the air with their delightful scent. Looking for more ideas for your planting scheme? Head over to our flower plants page for bulbs, perennials, shrubs, wildflowers, and much more.

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There are plenty of perks to growing wallflowers, not least their abundant delicate blooms and the wide range of colours from which to choose. Wallflowers are also a great option for those battling poor quality soils – these tough little biennial plants are very hardy and, though relatively short lived, are worth planting because they look lovely and will thrive almost anywhere.

Potted plants and bare-root wallflowers

We supply our wallflowers as potted plants to enjoy immediately, or as bare roots from October in time for you to get them into the ground before the winter sets in. Buying bare root plants means your wallflowers will then have plenty of time to settle in before bursting into flower during the spring. Don’t be surprised if, when your roots arrive, they have a cabbage smell to them; wallflowers are actually part of the brassica family, and you can even eat the tender young shoots as a vegetable.

Where to grow wallflowers

Wallflowers are perfect for growing in beds and borders, pots, containers, and hanging baskets. Their hardy nature makes them a highly versatile plant typically flowering from March to May in full sun. A nectar-rich flower, this is a great choice for encouraging bees and other pollinators.

How to plant Wallflowers

Your roots may look a little shrivelled on arrival, but this is nothing to worry about – just give them a soak for a couple of hours before planting into holes big enough to lay out the roots. Tamp down firmly to remove air pockets from the soil and water in. A mulch will help to protect the roots while they settle in. 

Wallflowers are a traditional favourite and well-suited to almost every garden. If you’d like to know more about growing flowers, head over to our ‘Flower Growing Guides’ section for an wealth of information on growing lots of different flowers.