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Tall Hedge Plants

Tall hedge plants can grow to over 3m in height, making them ideal for garden structure, security, privacy and protection. From towering tilia and poplar to flowering cherry and privet hedging, we have a wide choice of large hedging plants to suit your needs. Browse our full hedging plants range for more options.

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Tall hedge plants – more info

There are so many possible styles for a tall hedge, from clipped formality to informal native hedges, or those with a mix of plants. Hedges are a great way of dividing a garden into different areas, or hiding buildings and eyesores.

When choosing what to plant, decide how tall you want the hedge to be and how often you want to cut it as some plants, like Leyland cypress, are fast-growing and need regular maintenance.

Which hedge plants are easiest to grow?

Privet is one of the most forgiving of tricky soil types and will tolerate sand, chalk and clay as well as pollution. Elaeagnus, Leyland cypress and holly are also easy to grow.

Are any hedge plants beneficial for wildlife?

Any hedge provides shelter for wildlife but those with flowers, berries or hips also provide food. Spindle, holly, blackthorn, dog rose, cherry plum and hawthorn are all good choices.

Which hedge plants have more than one season of interest?

Choose red dogwood for spring flowers and bright red stems in the winter. Hawthorn, cherry plum and blackthorn all have early flowers and autumn fruits.