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Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are a great addition to any garden, large or small. Whether you’re covering bare or unsightly walls and fences or looking for something to train over a trellis, obelisk or archway, then you’ll find it in our great range of climbers.

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How To Use Climbing Plants

From popular favourites such as honeysuckle, clematis and the lovely climbing Jasmine plant to the more exotic blue passion flower, this collection of climbing plants has been selected to offer the best possible growth, colour and scent for a sunny or shaded area.

Plants climbing plants as patio plants are a central garden focal point, or against a wall behind perennial border plants. Wall climbing plants can hide walls and fences, provide wonderful fragrance to enjoy and to attact pollinators.

How to train a climbing plant

  1. Ensure that your plant supports are securely in place before planting. 
  2. Train new shoots by carefully and gently tying them to the supports with twine.
  3. If planting to train up a wall, plant around 30cm away from the base of the wall and position supports in a fan design to help the plant grow to an even shape.
  4. Prune any shoots that appear wild and do not fit the main structure.

Climbing Plant Supports

For information on how to grow climbing plants, see our climbing plants growing guide