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Wildflower Bulbs

Wildflower bulbs are the answer to achieving the magic and beauty of the nation’s natural woods and meadows in your own garden. Not only are these plants a visual treat, but they’re also great wildlife attracting plants. Bring your garden to life with wildflower bulbs!

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Wildflower Bulbs

Fill your garden with wonderful wildflowers, from bluebells, daffodils and snowdrops, to woodland tulips, winter aconites and crocuses. Naturalised spaces are more popular than ever, and it’s a thrill to see gardeners embracing the British wildflowers that have graced our countryside for centuries. 

If you have a small garden, you don’t have to miss out on the beauty of bulbs! Certain wildflower bulbs, such as daffodils, can be planted in planters and containers. Once they’ve finished flowering, simply dig them up and store them in a paper bag until autumn, when they can be planted out once again.

Popular wildflower bulbs

Bluebells - There’s something about English bluebells that makes us think of woodland walks and days gone by. Now you can create your very own carpet of blue in your outside space. A real ‘throw and grow’ favourite, English bluebell bulbs fill those empty spaces with bell-shaped flowers and a honey scent.

Daffodils - What’s a range of wildflower bulbs without some happy yellows? You’ll find that native British daffodils are just waiting to show their brightly coloured faces and add a dash of colour to your naturalised garden. 

Snowdrops - Did you know that the common snowdrop’s Latin name, Galathus navalis, translates as ‘milk flower of the snow’? Snowdrops are often the highlight of winter walks. Flowering between January and March, they create a carpet of white when planted en masse. 

Crocuses - A common sight on the winter lawns of sprawling estates, in churchyards and in parks, crocuses produce a wonderful palette of purples, yellows and whites. Signalling the first signs of spring, crocuses will naturalise and bring you joy year after year.

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