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Salad Plants

Growing your own salad means that you can step out into the garden and get the very freshest leaves for your dishes whenever you need them. Add colour to your meals and enjoy a range of nutrients by growing several varieties in your vegetable patch, from lettuce to bistro salad mixes.<

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There’s nothing quite like growing your own goodness, and our collection of salad plants makes it easier than ever to grow your own. Suttons offer everything from a winter veg mix to lettuce mixes for those healthy recipes. 

For a constant supply of fresh homegrown salad leaves, our easy to grow lettuce mixes mean you can use your outside space (big or small) to grow salad leaf mixes within weeks. 

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Top Salad Care Facts

Where To Grow Salad

You don’t need a large garden to grow salad leaves, most salad grows well in a small section of your vegetable patch, or in raised beds. Depending on the type of plant, you are likely to need a sunny growing site.

Growing Salad Plants

Many salad types, especially leaf vegetables like to grow in fertile, moisture-retentive soils. Many have shallow roots and are fast-growing, which means that they’ll need an even supply of water. If growing salad that form a head, such as butterhead lettuce, you can easily mulch around the plants to help the soil retain water.

When to harvest salad leaves

Again, this depends on the type of plant, as each salad plant has its own requirements. Usually, however, since many salad plants are quick to mature, you should be able to start harvesting relatively soon after planting.

How to eat salad

The number one way to eat salad plants is in a salad! By growing a variety of salad plants, you can create a delicious salad using ingredients harvested exclusively from your own vegetable patch. There’s so much flavour in freshly harvested salad plants, that you might not even need a dressing or season. 

Salad nutritional information

Many salad plants require lots of water, thus producing vegetables that are high in water content. However, they also contain a nourishing variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as being low calorie.

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