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Potted Bedding Plants

Find and buy the best bedding plants for pots here at Suttons. From classic summer bedding varieties to more hardy winter bedding plants, we have bedding plants for all seasons. With each plant arriving ready in a pot, you can quickly create your perfect bedding display.

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Popular Potted Bedding Plants

Enjoy blazing oranges and yellows to bring sunshine to your garden this summer, or beautiful pinks, blues and whites to brighten those borders. Creating head-turning displays is as easy as picking your perfect potted plants and waiting for delivery.

The advantages of potted bedding plants

Arriving at your doorstep ready-grown in pots, there's no need to grow these plants on in a greenhouse! You can simply transplant them into your beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets. Remember that summer bedding plants cannot be transplanted into their final outdoor spot until the last frost has passed.

The difference between potted plants and plugs

While potted plants can be transplanted straight away in most circumstances, plug plants require growing on and hardening off before they can go outside. They’ll need to be placed into pots in a warm, well-lit area and kept moist in order to mature. Then, they’ll need to become acclimatised to the outdoor temperature before they’re planted out, otherwise they might die.

Plugs come in different sizes depending on the maturity of the plant. Mini plugs will be the youngest and smallest, and will need the most care. Standard plugs are very common, and these will likely require potting up and growing on for a few weeks to a month before they can be hardened off and planted out. You can get garden-ready plug plants, but it’s sometimes advisable to grow these on for a few weeks in large pots so that they grow sturdier roots.