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Scarifiers & Aerators

Aerators and scarifiers help air and moisture reach grass roots, revitalising your lawn with lush growth. Use a 2-in-1 electric lawn scarifier and aerator to remove built-up moss and thatch from your lawn. Browse our range of lawn mowers, lawn care and garden power tools to make gardening easier.

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Why Use Scarifiers & Aerators?

Scarifiers and aerators are essential for lawn health, so if you want a lush green lawn that looks good throughout the year, it’s worth the one-time annual effort of using these lawn care tools.

What Does a Scarifier Do To Your Lawn?

A scarifier will remove dead grass or unwanted moss from your lawn, letting air and water reach its roots quicker. Our range of the best lawn aerators offer a fast and efficient way to keep your lawn aerated, encouraging deep root growth and a lush, green lawn.

When Should You Scarify A Lawn?

You only need to use a scarifier once a year, either in the autumn or late spring. Make sure your turf is dry and cut it before scarifying, set your scarifier to the highest setting and work in lines. Repeat again at a right angle to your initial rows. Scatter lawn seed to fill any gaps and you will rejuvenate your lawn in no time.

What is the best way to aerate your lawn?

The roots of plants need air to breath and space to grow. With usual wear and tear, the soil beneath your lawn can become compacted and, without air spaces, water will be slow to drain causing waterlogging.

Our range of the best lawn aerators and spike aerators will quickly and simply aerate your lawn by making holes in the soil. This allows air, nutrients and water to penetrate to the roots of your lawn, helping its roots to grow deeper and reinvigorating your lawn.