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Cauliflower Seeds

Easier to grow than you might imagine, cauliflowers are a veg garden classic that can be grown almost all year round. Delicious served with cheese sauce as part of a Sunday roast, they can also be used as an alternative to flour for things like pizza bases, or blitzed into a low-calorie version of rice. One of the joys of sowing your own vegetable seeds is that you can try unusual varieties like purple cauliflowers or the highly decorative Romanesco types.

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What makes Cauliflower seeds special?

Cauliflower is versatile and full of vitamins. Suttons offer many cauliflower varieties not just the classic white cauliflowers like ‘Snowball’ but also ‘Igloo’, a smaller head but full of taste especially when they are just off the plant. Plus for something a bit different try the seed of the almost surreal looking Romanesco Cauliflower seeds. 

How to grow Cauliflowers from seed?

Taking care of your Cauliflowers

Keep an eye out for caterpillars and Pigeons, a decent net or cage for protection will help. Why not try making a Scarecrow as a family activity?

It’s good to pick over any dead or yellowing leaves. Timing of harvest is important, keep a close eye and before Florets start to uncurl use a sharp knife to cut through the stem below the flower.

How long does it take cauliflower to grow from seed?

Cauliflower seeds take around 20 to 26 weeks to reach maturity 

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