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Rudbeckia Seeds

Rudbeckia are regal upstanding plants, perfect in every way for hardy annual or herbaceous borders. Many are also happy in containers and although some are grown perennially many are grown as bedding plants. From yellows to rusty they take over from early flowering summer plants.

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Why Grow Rudbeckia Seeds?

Many Rudbeckia are used as seasonal plants, but their ability to come to life with a breathtaking flower display as the summer really sets in is more than a good reason to grow them from seed.

Sutton’s varieties include ‘Indian summer’ a bright yellow stocky plant. ‘Irish eyes’ is another amazing shade of with simple composite flowers with an orangey centre. ‘Rustic dwarf mixed’ are plants that are covered in golden yellow and red flowers.

How To Grow Rudbeckia Plants From Seed?

Treat Rudbeckia as tender sowing rudbeckia seeds indoors, under glass or in a propagator on a window-sill in spring for mid to late summer flowering. Sow in pots or modules for a good strong start and plant.

Rudbeckia Seeds Germination

Rudbeckia seeds should germinate within 14 to 21 days. As the seedlings begin to grow, thin them to around 30cm apart to allow for development. Finally in the autumn transplant the plants to their flowering position allowing 30 to 40cm between each one.

Plant Rudbeckia in drifts as they look great in decent numbers, this is a good reason to raise them from seeds as you’ll have plenty of plants. Plan a design with your plants, using the hot colours of Rudbeckia one end of a border and to cooler, pastel colours of Sweet Pea or Asters. Rudbeckia can be used for cut-flowers and the single-flowered varieties are great for pollinators.

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