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Wallflower Seeds

Wallflowers are a traditional spring bedding plant, and although look uninspiring when planted out in autumn they are a true great when they burst into flower in the spring. With the added benefit of being scented, they also look great planted on mass with bulbs planted through under them.

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Why Grow Wallflowers From Seed?

Wallflower seeds are most effective when planted in decent numbers. Suttons give hundreds of seeds per packet and these easy to grow seeds make for stronger plants when grown locally in your garden. A park’s favourite that can be used on a smaller scale in large pots.

Suttons varieties ‘Persian carpet mix’, fragrant with red and gold colours. ‘Fire King’ is an exceptional deep red colour and ‘Cloth of gold’ has striking deep golden yellow flowers. Our dwarf wallflower seeds give you the ‘Lollipop’ ideal for borders and containers.

How to grow Wallflower plants from seed

Sow wallflowers seeds in late spring to mid-summer for flowering the following spring. Start in a seedbed away from the final growing spot

Wallflower seeds should germinate within 7 to 14 days. As the seedlings grow, thin in stages to achieve final spacing of 15cm so the plants can grow nice and bushy. In the early autumn pinch out the main growing point and transplant the plant to their flowering positions, 30cm apart. 

This versatile plant is easy to grow and takes the cold winter months to produce an impressive display in springtime, marking the start of the growing season. Wallflowers are great news for pollinators as the early season flowers are a great source of nectar.

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