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Compost & Plant Food

Compost and plant food from Suttons' range here provides everything you need to grow strong and healthy plants. Whether you want beautiful blooms or delicious crops of fruit and vegetables, choosing the best compost to pair with our premium growing accessories is a shortcut to succcess. From specialist feeds for your roses through to mulch, soil improvers, high nitrogen formulas and granular fertilisers for your prize onions, there’s something to turbo-charge every garden here. Like to raise your own vegetable plants and flowers from scratch? Suttons seeds are amongst the finest you can buy.

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Suttons are dedicated to making sure your plants aren't missing out on vital nutrients with our choice of compost and plant food products. We stock everything from water storing crystals to controlled-release fertilisers, so browse the full collection today and give your garden the best plant care and food!

Feeding Your Plants

Like all living things, plants need food and this is where compost and plant food help. Generally, those planted directly in the garden will derive sufficient food through the soil but those in pots and containers will need extra help.

One of the key steps is to know your soil type (a simple pH tester is all you need) and to resolve any issues such as poor drainage. Prolonged wet weather can wash nutrients out of the soil and you will need to replace them.

The compost and plant food that we use in containers contain nutrients but these will only last for a few weeks and will then need to be topped up with regular feeding. Slow release fertiliser works really well, removing the need to remember to feed and, when combined with water storage crystals, is perfect for those of us short on time.

Plants producing edible crops require more feed than others, especially if you wish to maximise the amount of fruit and vegetables produced. Outdoor crops will benefit from granular feed, such as Potato and Fruit Fertiliser, being raked into the soil before sowing or planting with re-applications during the summer as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Container grown tomatoes and other "fruiting" plants, including aubergines, peppers and courgettes, need specialist high potash Tomato Feed once a week in liquid or soluble format. Leafy vegetables such as spinach and salad leaves plus herbs like basil, need a general-purpose liquid feed.