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Veg Seeds to Sow In March

Browse our full range of vegetable seeds to sow in March. With the weather warming up, now's the time to start sowing spinach and beetroot. Plant cucumbers and other tender veg in the greenhouse to give them the best start. Wondering what else to do in the garden in March? Find out over on our blog.

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Vegetables to sow in March

Vegetables to sow in March include early varieties of tomatoes and fruits will develop well on plants when grown under glass in a heated greenhouse. For quick germination it is best to sow the seed in a heated propagator or you could use a windowsill. It is best to sow outdoor varieties later in the month and the plants are potted on as they grow, ready for planting out in early June.

During March and April, celery seed can be sown into pots then placed in the greenhouse so you will have plants ready for planting out during May and June.

Shallot sets can be planted this month and, once conditions have warmed up, onion sets may also be planted.

Seed potatoes should be set out in trays so that the shoots will form. Plantings of early varieties can be made during March, but main crop varieties are best planted in April.

Head to our blog for more March gardening advice.