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Parsnip Seeds

Buy parsnip seeds for an easy to grow vegetable, delicious roasted, boiled, fried or mashed and they're an essential part of your Sunday roast! One of the vegetable seeds that prefers to be direct sown into well-prepared soil, parsnips are a traditional favourite that store well after harvest.

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Why Grow Parsnips From Seed?

If there is one veg that is so worth the effort it is the humble Parsnip. Sow in spring for a harvest bonanza in the autumn, Suttons offer reliable varieties such as ‘ Gladiator’, ‘Tender & True’ is a high yielding, organically bred seed. Parsnips are full of Calcium too.

When To Plant Parsnip Seeds?

Sow parsnip seeds early to late spring when the soil starts to warm. They prefer to be directly sown into prepared soil. Sow the seeds in drills with two to three seeds per station. The ‘station’ is the point the seeds are placed in along the drill. Sow 2-3 seeds per station. 

How To Grow Parsnip From Seed? 

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